Unblock Adblocker Pro

With the rise in adblockers and the decrease in revenue, publishers are looking for new ways to monetize their content
Using this Unblock Adblocker Pro​ WordPress plugin, publishers can block adblockers and show ads on their site.

Ready to maximise your earnings from ads?

Unblock Adblocker Pro Features

Unlimited Customization

Every brand is different. So we provide an option so that you can customize it to fit it with your own brand color and guideline. 

Geo Targetting Text

Peoples love to see a personalized text. Using Unblock Adblocker Pro you can set different text based on visitors country location.

Different Modes

You can set different modes for the popup. In Strict mode, users can't read your site content until they unblock your site to their Adblocker. 

Want to maximise your earning from ads?

Simply install, activate & configure it

we make this WordPress plugin really easy to use. You can customize anything but you don't need to do it if you don't want. We automatically set everything for you as a default options.